31 Things I Did  
2013 - 2014

1. Wear a different color of the rainbow every day for a week in the order of ROY G BIV.
    October 14th - 20th 

2. Count how many steps I take.
    October 21st 

3. Lie.
    October 26th 

4. Buy 9 books that have the number 9 in their titles.
    October 28th 

5. Do not speak.
    October 29th 

6. Write at least 750 words every day for a month.
    November 1st - 30th 

7. Record everything I do.
    November 9th 

8. Schedule the whole day and live according to the plan.
    November 10th 

9. Stay sober.
    November 16th 

10. Type on the typewriter for 9 hours.
    November 17th 

11. Exchange outfits with Marco for a week.
    December 2nd - 8th 

12. Drive without a destination for 9 hours.
    December 19th 

13. Shop from 9 stores.
    December 23rd 

14. Watch 9 movies that have the numbers 1 through 9 in their titles.
    December 25th

15. Work on a 1000-piece puzzle for 6 hours, then set it on fire.
    December 28th 

16. Start and finish a 1000-piece puzzle.
    December 29th 

17. "Like" 2014 of my friends' posts on Facebook.
    January 1st

18. Spend two nights in a hotel room, alone.
    January 2nd - 4th 

19. Take off the ring for good.
    January 5th 

20. Handwrite the lyrics of 99 songs.
    January 6th - 8th 

21. Draw a circle 100 inches in diameter on the ground, then walk along the line of the circle 1000 times.
    January 13th 

22. Roll a die, then have food delivered from that number of restaurants.
    January 20th 

23. Pray for someone's unhappiness.
    February 2nd 

24. Walk quietly.
    February 8th 

25. Get as intoxicated as possible.
    February 14th 

26. Watch the same movie every day for a week.
    February 17th - 23rd 

27. Record all compliments I receive for a week.
    March 10th - 16th 

28. Change lipstick color every hour for 9 hours.
    March 18th

29. Kill the bear.
    March 29th

30. Stay awake for 3 days.
    April 21st - 23rd

31. Have my first trip.
    April 27th

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